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Etisalat Virtual Machines

Etisalat Virtual Machines

Our best tariff plan

399.00 EGP per month


Etisalat Virtual Machines are cloud-based servers, which enable our customers to outsource computing equipment and resources. Etisalat owns and maintains the equipment while our customers rent the specific services they need on a monthly subscription basis.


Virtual Machines enable the user to host his company’s website or to operate software that needs servers (like business applications, communication applications, file-sharing applications…etc.) without bearing the cost of purchasing and maintaining these servers. Etisalat offers you this service in addition to after-sale service and technical support in return for a monthly subscription fee depending on your business needs. This will help you get rid of the burdens of maintaining your company’s IT infrastructure and rather focus on growing your business, increase your productivity and opening new ventures.


-    1 real IP is included.

-     Remote desktop access is included.

-     Security pack is included.

-     Virtual server (machine) bandwidth is free within “limited quota” that could be applied if needed.

Virtual Machines advantages over traditional physical servers

-      CAPEX Reduction

No need to pay upfront expenses, however you can get the service for a monthly subscription.

-       High performance

Virtualization hardware is getting faster and faster each year.

-       Time Management

You can monitor and review your data much faster.

-        Disaster Recovery

All your data is securely stored.

-        Scalability

Upgrade your service as your business needs.

-        Security

Etisalat datacenters are fully redundant and highly secured 24x7. The datacenters are monitored by more than 70 CCTV cameras inside and outside the building and the gates are controlled by magnetic and fingerprint security system.

-        Network security

Two stages of firewalls are used in addition to web application firewall.

-       Remote access administration

It is only allowed through secured VPN connection.



-       Web Browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera)

-       Connectivity




      • What happens in cases of electricity cut?
        Etisalat Datacenter offers complete redundant power System, with UPS and Diesel Generator. This protects against any impact on the service due to disruption in the main power supply.
      • How long does it take to for my Virtual Machine to be ready?
        Requests for new Virtual Machines or updates to existing ones will be fulfilled within 7 days.
      • How can I access my Virtual Machine?
        You can access and manage your Virtual Machine through secure VPN. The access information will be communicated to you by email with your VM readiness confirmation.
      • How do I know the IP of my Virtual Machine?
        Internal and public IPs of your Virtual Machine will be communicated to you by email with your VM readiness confirmation.
      • What are the firewall rules applied to my Virtual Machine?
        By default only the following network traffic will be allowed:Internet Inbound 80 and Internet Inbound 443